Ask DN: What is your opinion on Lean UX?

almost 9 years ago from Bjarke Daugaard, UX Lead and Corporate Entrepreneur @ Danske Bank MobileLife

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, almost 9 years ago

    But thank you for your comments. The thing about the area being unexplored academically is correct but there are so much material about Experience Design and HCI and a lot of methodologies to compare it with.

    But without understanding what you are comparing them with, how do you do it well?

    Having worked in both academia and industry over the years the disconnect between the academic view of how UX is practiced — Lean UX or otherwise — is often pretty extreme.

    A literature review may well be a useful first step, but it's really not going to get you much insight into how and why the lean ux practices evolved, and why they're practiced. For that you're going to have to go talk to practitioners. Both those using "normal" and Lean UX approaches.

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