Ask DN: What is your opinion on Lean UX?

almost 9 years ago from Bjarke Daugaard, UX Lead and Corporate Entrepreneur @ Danske Bank MobileLife

  • Ryan Martin, almost 9 years ago

    We adopted a lean methodology when it came to Product Discovery/ Exploration.

    We work with a number of companies that traditionally aren't human centred. So using lean gave us a chance to start incorporating Human Centered design very early on.

    Lean also emphasises speed to market and testing which is appropriate for the type of work we take on.

    It's not for everyone - but for a new product it can be very beneficial in risk reduction for risk averse companies.

    Yes I've tried it, yes it worked. Yes sometimes it feels too lean.

    We now create a UX strategy based on time, budget and project - if lean is appropriate, we use it.

    Every project requires a different approach it's important that your team and clients are aware of that.

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