Ask DN: What is your opinion on Lean UX?

almost 9 years ago from Bjarke Daugaard, UX Lead and Corporate Entrepreneur @ Danske Bank MobileLife

  • Nathan NNathan N, almost 9 years ago

    Here's my perspective as a fellow IXD grad student:

    Lean UX is a good topic but you may find that it's too narrow as you move forward with your research. If I were you I would zoom out and look at design methodologies in general and work your way back down providing analyses and contrasting different methods as you go. This alone could be enough to fill the literature review portion of your essay.

    As a pointer when reading academic papers on design thinking and methods look to the discussion section where the author will often suggest areas where there is room for contribution.

    Regarding your thesis statement:

    Lean UX is a bit too simple and "business" oriented to actually provide the best foundation for design.

    I'd be careful about boxing yourself in right off the bat. Lean UX is a process which focuses on the iteration of an MVP by contrast Waterfall is a process which focuses on comprehensive deliverables and assembly line production. The point of Lean UX is to get a product out of the gate, not lay the best foundation but rather any foundation. It's almost like you're stating the obvious in a way.

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    • Bjarke DaugaardBjarke Daugaard, almost 9 years ago

      Thank you Nathan. Some good points and I think you are right on the money with the idea of starting broad and then narrowing in on a relevant subject. I know I was somehow stating the obvious, and having read through a tremendous amount of agile/lean vs. waterfall articles I cannot help to think there are a lot of room for improvement out there. As someone with a background in the more explorative parts of IXD (phenomenology, critical design etc.) I believe there are still a long way from the utopian "ideal design" and the way UX is handled in the business world.

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