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almost 10 years ago from Justin Jackson, Maker

  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, almost 10 years ago

    Justin, you are right. Right about that you said "Will that additional styling, image, or hyperlink give my audience more understanding? If the answer's "no", don't add it."

    But don't forget about 10 seconds rule ( which means users always in a rush. If you don't attract in this limited period, you're finished. In case you do some serious works you don't want to risk it just serving plain text, right? You need to add colors, nicely rendered artworks, smooth animations.

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    • Justin JacksonJustin Jackson, almost 10 years ago

      That hasn't been my experience today.

      So far over 48,000 people have viewed that page. The average time spent on page is 2:43 minutes (very good for page that length), indicating most read it.

      The click-throughs on that single link in the footer of the text have been good as well: over 8% CTR.

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