Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge(vimeo.com)

almost 9 years ago from Sam Solomon, Staff Product Designer at Salesloft

  • Marcus H, almost 9 years ago

    I watched that video yesterday, I've been learning design to make web ui's for a few months but that just made me want to learn more about logo design. The swiftness and sheer number of idea's he knocks out in those few minutes are awe-inspiring.

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    • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, almost 9 years ago

      probably the only reason I am proud to have gone to school (until I dropped out) was because I learned to do visual design and brand identity.

      we explore with interfaces and experiences in the UX world but creating an emotion, a response from a logo, or from visual identity is something that just always keeps me interested in one day exploring that and inspires me to try to do the same in my own field.

      maybe one day when I go freelance i'll do more of it :)

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