Anyone make the leap from Designer to Manager?

9 years ago from Guillermo Mont, Freelance Designer/Illustrator

  • Adam RobbinsAdam Robbins, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    In Jan 2014 I made the transition from being a senior designer to a partner at two man design & dev studio. In reality the only people I have to manage (aside from myself and clients) are freelancers.

    My biggest gripe with moving away from being (just) a designer is the lack of time I get to focus on the thing I love most — design.

    Design used to be around 95% of what I did, and it now accounts for little more than half of that. My advice would be, if you think you can find happiness doing various day to day things besides design, then go for it.

    I thought I could find happiness in new challenges and experiences, the reality is, the jump made me realise how much I truly love(d) design.

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