Anyone make the leap from Designer to Manager?

9 years ago from Guillermo Mont, Freelance Designer/Illustrator

  • Ben HicksBen Hicks, 9 years ago

    I went from being a sole designer/developer at one company to managing a team of four.

    The biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone in this situation would be to trust your team.

    I found it daunting at first to delegate work to others with my mind always saying "how can someone else do this in exactly the way I need it" But nine times out of ten my team would always come back and either meet or exceed my expectations.

    Taking a step back from the day to day work can give you time to focus on the bigger strategy and planning picture.

    One thing I'd always suggest is to try and still find time to do some 'real' work - being the boss gives you the opportunity to pick a nice project to work on yourself to keep your hand in - you are a designer after all so don't give up your passion completely.

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