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9 years ago from Patrick Westwood, Head of Design @ Jerry Inc.

  • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, 9 years ago

    Has anyone bought the book and read through it?

    I've wanted to learn a bit of iOS dev, but most resources online assume you already know C really well, or spend too much time on coding basics and not enough on good iOS practices.

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    • Vasiliy LeytmanVasiliy Leytman, 9 years ago

      Its a very nice book, in terms of structure, well-put material both on design and programming an app. And there are a bunch of paragraphs about how to make an app with Swift, which doesn't require knowledge of C nor Objective-C. Its definitely worth it even at full price, and when you're able to get it with discount, its a big deal ;) This book and a bit of other stuff made me switch the job and almost finish a big app, so its not just words ;)

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