Ask DN: Post your text editor themes

9 years ago from Gavin Jones, Designer/developer @ Independent

  • Ivan VásquezIvan Vásquez, 9 years ago

    Well, for starters... it starts way faster. Atom gets sluggish sometimes (although they have improved this a bit in the last updates), but my main grip with it is that it takes 10+ seconds to open up the first time.

    Another big turn off for me was the 2MB limit for opening files; sometimes I have large files (like SQL dumps) that I need to look at, and Atom refused to help me with those.

    Other than that, not much actually (which is why I did stick with it for a while). The only other minor grip I had with it was the emmet plugin. Sublime's works better, in my opinion.

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    • Mason LawlorMason Lawlor, 9 years ago

      Interesting. As for file size limit, I haven't had an issue yet. But, I definitely did have problems with emmet interfering with autocomplete plus and my custom snippets. Ultimately, I only use a small % of the emmet shortcuts, so I just disabled it and wrote custom snippets for the ones I do use a lot. Good to know that ST doesn't have those issues.

      I think the main reason I went with Atom over ST was because I want to publish some web design/dev tuts, and I knew it would be accessible to everyone since it's open source.

      Great points, and thanks for the link to Seti on ST!

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