I'm comfortable with PC, Should I buy a Mac?

over 8 years ago from Surjith S M, Freelance Web Designer

  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I'm a moderate PC user. For design and development purposes I use mac and win side by side for about 2 months. Here are some observations I made:

    Win > Mac

    • I don't like programming on mac os at all. For example, if you need a local server, mac is a pain. I've installed mamp and it had loads of issues plus you have to pay for a full version. However, you have opportunities like wamp, easyphp which works out of the box.

    • Window management makes me stressed on mac. The full screen button on the top bar doesn't work like on windows. When you press it, the windows zooms and goes to right side, hides dock. Also it takes like 3 seconds which is like a year for me. One more example: cmd+tab switches windows. Ok that's what I get used to but why doesn't it switches to the windows I minimized? I hate when this happens.

    • Mouse. Mouse speed increases exponentially when you move it on mac which drove me mad so I find a hacky way to disable it. Let me explain exponential speed: if you move your mouse one inch but slowly, you will see cursor moves 2 inches but if you move your mouse one inch fast you will see cursor moves 10 inches. Same applies to mouse wheel speed.

    • I find some usability issues on file management/finder. For example, cmd+c to copy, cmd+v to paste files but cmd+X doesn't cut the files oh my god why? The file path isn't shown by default so sometimes you confuse which folder you are in. Apple should make file path visible by default.

    • less free apps

    Mac > Win

    • The UI itself. Deeply thought, carefully designed. I love the blueness of action buttons, love all transitional interfaces and specifically sucking effect when an app is being minimized.

    • The UX. You will find yourself smiling when discovering all the little details. You will see, when you click help button on top, the search text is already focused, waiting for you to search. As you type, it will show you where the button you're looking for.

    • Performance, less crashes. I open sketch + xcode + illustrator + photoshop and see ram is around 1GB. On a pc, opening a single photoshop app will raise it to 2GB :)

    • Design apps. Sketch, affinity, FramerJS and more. As I see you are a UX developer, this is a big plus for you.

    • Display of course :)

    • Opens faster and you see all the previous apps before shutting down are open again.

    • less viruses, ad-wares etc.

    Anything I forgot?

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    • Kenan Bendz, over 8 years ago

      osx comes with apache2 + php + mysql right out of the box, why install mamp?

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      • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, over 8 years ago

        But if you don't know how to use terminal, that's another pain. I've get used to these stuff now but it was a big obstacle at that time.

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    • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, over 8 years ago

      Before Yosemite holding shift and clicking the green enlarge button on any app would full screen it.

      Just sayin...

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 8 years ago
      • God programming on Windows is far worse. No UNIX environment, shitty terminal, etc.

      • In Yosemite the green button is now the full-screen button.

      • Upgrade your Finder with TotalFinder or XtraFinder, now it is 1000x better than Windows even with 3rd party plugins. Also comes with CMD-X for Cut.

      • Fewer free apps, but the apps are actually nicely designed and there are more of them that do what I want with less malware or other junk I have to deal with.

      You forgot the trackpad. Macs have the best computer trackpad in existence. The Magic Mouse sucks, get the Magic Trackpad!

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