I'm comfortable with PC, Should I buy a Mac?

over 8 years ago from Surjith S M, Freelance Web Designer

  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, over 8 years ago

    My switch to Mac was seven years ago. No regrets. I recently had a discussion with a coworker about this, so here are some reasons I gave him for choosing a mac. One disclaimer, I was a big XP user before Mac, so some performance issues I had with Windows might be better in newer versions (or maybe it was just the XP computers I was using).

    1. The overall quality is great. Especially the glass trackpad (I use a Macbook Pro)
    2. Multi-touch and hot corners make it easy to see Every app window or every window of a particular app. (ironic that this is harder to do in an OS called Windows)
    3. When an app freezes it doesn’t freeze all the other apps too.
    4. When I need to force an app to quit, it does. On Windows I had lots of times where I would “end task” over and over but the app wouldn’t quit.
    5. Can go for weeks or months without needing to restart.
    6. Aside from not being targeted by viruses as much, Macs do have a more secure operating system. I think it was 1Password that recently had a post about the difference between making an app safe from keyloggers in Mac vs Windows.
    7. Installing/uninstalling is super easy (usually). For most apps “installing” means dragging the app into your Applications folder. Uninstalling is as easy as dragging your app into the trash.
    8. System updates are pretty infrequent compared to how many updates Windows seems to have.
    9. Not having anti-virus means no performance hit to the system. (of course you can have anti-virus running if you want. I just run a scan once in a blue moon)

    I think using a Mac is one of those things... once you're comfortable with it (which could take a couple months) you'll have a hard time switching back to Windows. But if you never leave Windows, you'll stay in an environment you're familiar with and continue to do excellent work.

    Sorry that was a bit long. Hope it was helpful.

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