A better shift key for iPhone

9 years ago from Robleh Jama, Founder at Tiny Hearts Studio

  • Alex ChanAlex Chan, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Yes! That tweak is still alive and kicking. It's called SwipeSelection. Pair that with SwipeExpander and you have an awesome native keyboard.

    SwipeSelection (which allows keyboard navigation) has a bunch of options as well such as sensitivity, swipe speed, and even the swipe area (whole keyboard vs spacebar only).

    SwipeExpander is awesome as well. It allows you to map text and command shortcuts to swipe up and swipe down actions on your keyboard keys. For example, swipe up on "q" to type out "1" or swipe down on the spacebar to paste your clipboard item.

    Here's how a typical SwipeExpander setup looks like:


    iOS 8.1 is the last version to be jailbreakable so i you haven't updated to 8.1.1 yet, you can still grab it!

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