It's just piracy(

9 years ago from Catalin Cimpanu

  • Andrew Richardson, 9 years ago

    "I've always hated hearing the argument that some people wouldn't pay for it anyway. I feel that if you enjoy something, and it has a price tag, you should pay for it. "

    What about those that don't know if they'll enjoy it? There are probably a lot of people that won't fork over the money to see if they enjoy something. Lets take a movie for example, there are dozens of movies every year that I simply would never fork over the money to see in the theater but if I download it and enjoy it there's a good chance I'll see the sequel or look up the director and see his next movie in the theater.

    This can be applied to almost anything in the digital realm, there have been software I've pirated that I later bought simply because it was a quality piece of software. Had I not pirated I would have found a different solution to the problem.

    It's the reason so much software now provides free trial version. IMO the rest of the world is simply slow to pick up this model and that's the only place where piracy is hurting them.

    Sure there's a cost initially but IF the product is quality you build trust with people using your product and that is worth more than the quick buck you would have made if they bought a product right out of the gate.

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