Do you design in the browser?

9 years ago from Wes Oudshoorn, Co-founder at AppSignal

  • Tyler Fowler, 9 years ago

    I do use the browser in my workflow. However, I use it pretty much exclusively for quickly trying out different CSS values. Although this comes at somewhat of a risk, what ends up happening is I go on a CSS-modifying spree and make a ton of changes and one of two things will happen.

    A) I accidentally hit refresh - losing all my changes - and hit my head on the nearest wall

    B) I change too many properties and forget what I did so I have to hunt them down and copy the changes that worked into my source

    So.. yeah.. be cautious about that but I do it for minor changes or weird layout issues (or for quickly trying out new colors). But other than that I stick to other tools.

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