Do you design in the browser?

9 years ago from Wes Oudshoorn, Co-founder at AppSignal

  • Jitendra Vyas, 9 years ago

    Although it depends on Project, teams etc. But what I have felt that Designing in browser works well when the same person is doing is design and development. luckily I'm doing both at current so it's fine. I jump from Wireframes to Bootstrap. And I do prototyping in tools like Codepen and Jsbin, they have in-built livereload. Every-time I think i have reached at good stage. I save current milestone and start working on new fork of it. I share jsbin url within team, everyone see it on browser and it's responsive. I use to add placeholder images to my prototypes. Subtle patterns bookmarklets to try backgrounds in design and css time saves like this

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