AMA: I’m Mig Reyes, a designer at Basecamp.

almost 9 years ago from Mig Reyes, Exploring art, technology and design at Basecamp.

  • Mig ReyesMig Reyes, almost 9 years ago

    Hey Mitch!

    How fun, we’ve followed the same paths so far.

    My best advice for someone in college getting ready for the workforce is to do the work you want to be doing now.

    If you want to work on the web, do projects either personal or through school that help you fill your portfolio with web-based work.

    Likewise, if you’d rather be doing logos and branding, make sure you do that kind of work and show a variety of it.

    We get hired for what we’ve done, not what we want to do. So even if you don’t have opportunities to do “real” web work, invent some projects for yourself to get you started!

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