Do you design in the browser?

9 years ago from Wes Oudshoorn, Co-founder at AppSignal

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    Depends on the project. However, mostly it is a strong yes.


    I do like it due to the fact that I am making a product in the form it is going to be used by the end audience.


    I did not get along with LightTable and all that “live” (we’ll see about Firefox for Developers). For me it is still a BrowserSync and task-runner (currently is a Gulp). Mostly, the joy is with SPA apps while setting a remote REST api, so everything is super lightweight and does not decrease a battery life.

    Golden Tip

    The most important thing for uninterrupted process is to set everything right. I mean packages, dependencies and needed tasks for the project. After that, it is as smooth as it can be. Once you understand there is nothing except creative to do, job becomes a joy.

    However, I still do recommend to lay everything in your head on the paper or in the actual first.

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    • Ed AdamsEd Adams, 9 years ago

      Could you share a bit more info about your Gulp workflow? I can't get BrowserSync to work with Sass & Autoprefixer.

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