AMA: I'm Cap Watkins, Product Design Manager at Etsy

9 years ago from Cap Watkins, VP of Design @ BuzzFeed

  • Cap WatkinsCap Watkins, 9 years ago

    HI Seah,

    I wish I could be more helpful, but:

    1. That was before my time. If I had to guess, part of it is that search results kind of rely on users being able to go to a listing and back to the results and wind up in the same place (I don't know if we were doing that, but I'd wager we weren't). Also, who knows, users' tastes change. It very well could be something we should consider trying again sometime. No promises!

    2. That's using our Lists feature to generate the page. Usually a list will tell you who curated it (in this case, made the list for you). We should probably revisit that wording.


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