AMA: I'm Cap Watkins, Product Design Manager at Etsy

9 years ago from Cap Watkins, VP of Design @ BuzzFeed

  • Daniel EdenDaniel Eden, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    I have a couple of (hopefully quick & relevant) questions:

    1. Etsy no doubt deals with some interesting transactional stuff. I work a lot with the payments team and know it can be tough to get designers excited about the sorts of challenges involved there*. Have you found the same to be true at Etsy?
    2. It seems like you guys are doing a grand job at hiring and maintaining a fairly diverse team. We’re trying hard to grow sustainably and diversely, and I’d love to hear any quick thoughts you might have on what you’ve done to make the Etsy design team such a universally appealing place to be.

    *Not me—I freaking love transaction design.

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    • Cap WatkinsCap Watkins, 9 years ago

      What's up, Daniel!

      1. I haven't, really. Transactional stuff is just so meaty a UX problem that I feel like I can easily sell that challenge to any designer.

      2. It's honestly been a huge happy accident. I reach out to a lot of talented folks (a lot) and some of them say they'd like to work here. It's a ton of legwork, a ton of things not working out and a few super happy moments when things do.

      Also, Etsy as the product/company helps a lot. :)

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