ABC Dicks: An illustrated a dick typeface for Movember(

9 years ago from Mathew Sisson, Designer of Things

  • jfm l, 9 years ago

    Are you quite sure about that.

    Haven't heard any feminists complain about that.*

    Way to go on making strange generalizations on „feminists“ too. Yes, some feminists are old-fashioned, some are sex-positive. Some (most?) have a problem with being reduced to a (sex) object while still enjoying naked bodies.

    You do realize that there is a history (spanning centuries) of the female body being reduced to an object for the male gaze while the naked male body mostly serves as a power fantasy for the male viewer? Yes, there are examples the contradict this. But generally that's the way it goes, so I would not be surprised that some woman would find it offensive if you'd continue this tradition (no matter if as a „joke“ or seriously).

    *Though I'm sure someone (other then the censorship people at Apple) will find it offensive. That's okay.

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    • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

      Thank you for posting this response. Many men & women do not understand the issue fully and are quick to write it off.

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    • Sam GoldSam Gold, 9 years ago

      Really great/productive response! Thanks for phrasing it so nicely. :)

      Best, Sam

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