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almost 9 years ago from Mikel van den Oord, Visual Designer

  • Oliver WatersOliver Waters, almost 9 years ago

    Hi Ray,

    Stache works fine with iCloud Drive. Where did you read otherwise?

    We're working to improve the Stache workflow and plan to add the ability to tag from the browser extensions.

    We had some trouble getting filtering to work and found it to be a little unintuitive in the workflow we had so we scrapped it for v1. Other features have taken priority since but it's definitely something we plan to revive.

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    • Ray YipRay Yip, almost 9 years ago

      Thanks for your reply Oliver.

      The problems with syncing means Users can't figure out how the syncing works.

      I search about Stache sync on Twitter i got many similar feedbacks. And bring them all to Zendesk is not the best way to let users understand or solve problems.

      However Stache is one of my favourite App, i'm using it everyday, i hope Stache will be better and i trust it can be.

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