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9 years ago from Tierney Cyren, Principal Developer Advocate, Twilio

  • pjotr .pjotr ., 9 years ago

    Welcome to 2014. You should seriously consider getting an unlimited data plan. Click here

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    • Vincent MillikenVincent Milliken, 9 years ago

      Unlimited data would great, but here in the Netherlands its too expensive. Just having a quick look on T-Mobile it would cost €42 for 10GB. That is only for the data, so your monthly cost would be around €70-€80 per month...

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      • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, 9 years ago

        Wow, that's... really cheap. I'm getting 2GB a month for like $95 on Verizon here in the US.

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        • Tim GauthierTim Gauthier, 9 years ago

          42€ is 53.14, a bottle of water is .20€ and a big mac is 7€, and considered expensive. Things are considerably cheaper in Europe and thats a LOT of money to spend on your phone bill each month when that could be spent on food, transit, or rent.

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      • pjotr .pjotr ., 9 years ago

        Compared to US prices that doesn't seem too bad. I pay $80 per month on T-Mobile with unlimited everything when before I was paying $220 for unlimited talk, text, and 6GB of data on Verizon. Verizon is the joke among jokes, the ass among asses and the jerk among jerks. Never do business with big telcos.

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      • Bjarke DaugaardBjarke Daugaard, 9 years ago

        Wow, up here in Denmark it is €20 for 100GB

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    • Bryce DriesengaBryce Driesenga, 9 years ago

      To be fair, isn't there essentially no unlimited plans w/o throttling in the US? Maybe Sprint has one?

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