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almost 9 years ago from Mikel van den Oord, Visual Designer

  • David SurianoDavid Suriano, almost 9 years ago

    +1 for Dragdis. Although the search and tagging system is somewhat lacking, the ease of dragging and dropping compensates for it.

    Confession: I've been slowly transitioning my bookmarking back to Evernote, mainly for the amazing search and tagging ability. And it also doesn't hurt to be able to access your collection from any device.

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    • Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, almost 9 years ago

      This. I love Dragdis, and have been using it almost exclusively, but find the tagging system and the fact that everything is cropped to a square (not really helpful, when you're relying on visual memory to find something) a bit glaring.

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