Would you mind helping?

over 10 years ago from Sam Willis, Product Designer at Memrise, Organiser of Design Club.

  • Gavin JonesGavin Jones, over 10 years ago


    Anyone else find it quite challenging to provide an accurate response due to the structure of the quiz?

    In particular, when told that you don't like the currently selected event, and the goal is to find one that you do wish to attend. The scenario is presented completely out of context and out of sequence.

    Unless you're testing how to improve the bounce rate from social shares/email campaigns, then my answer is not how I would have actually responded. If I came from another page, I would have hit the browser back button, or closed the tab and opened another tab I had opened.

    I'd recommend you give Inspectlet http://www.inspectlet.com/ a try. Watching people use your site in the real world will prove far more revealing that a scripted test.

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