Quartz Composer or framerjs?

over 9 years ago from Nathan Langley, Designer

  • Andreas MitschkeAndreas Mitschke, over 8 years ago

    Keynote, Flinto, Invision: - Made to rapidly create a user-flow, to show interaction paths and give an overall feeling

    QC, Framerjs: - Made to create intricate animations, which details/numbers can easily be translated into the Apps source code

    QC vs Framerjs: QC basically reminds me of those camera animation and scripting panels from 3D SW. It's simple and just needs some time to fiddle around with the boxes and numbers to learn, yet it will always be faster than writing pure code.

    But, as many already mentioned, in the end it depends on your liking. With some practice in framerjs, you may come up with the same output, but it'll take more time.

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