• Kenny Chen, almost 9 years ago

    Looks great. Wondering if you could tell us how it compares to other prototyping tools like InVision, Framer, and Pixate?

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    • Conor SheehanConor Sheehan, almost 9 years ago

      Don't forget FB's Origami. What other interaction design tools are out there?

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    • Suresh SelvarajSuresh Selvaraj, almost 9 years ago

      Sure! All those are excellent tools, so let me go through how Mitya differs instead :)

      I believe getting from blank screen to animated prototype is just a lot faster in Mitya. You can watch this video to get a feel for how quick it is to prototype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyDq04Kbolg. You have very few steps - which allows for more experimentation, IMO. If you recreate that demo in other tools, you'll see the difference :)

      For me, the advantage of this flow is that your screens and states are always visually laid out in front of you. This makes it a lot easier to 'play around' with ideas. And when you return to a prototype you haven't touched in some time, it will still make sense. Playing around with code is a little more involved - possible, but more involved.

      Also, the timeline editor makes it very easy to tweak your animation's timing without having to mess with numbers. This way, you can animate based on how something 'feels'. When you work with numbers, it can sometimes be tempting to round them off, for e.g. to 0.5, just because the number looks 'cleaner'. But when you work visually, you can leave it as 0.492 if that's what feels right.

      That's my take on it. And, of course, there's a free trial on the site. So, please do try it out :D

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      • Joe AlfonsoJoe Alfonso, almost 9 years ago

        Any plans to bring it to Windows or have it demo on Android devices? The hardware limitation is a pretty large barrier to entry.

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        • Suresh SelvarajSuresh Selvaraj, almost 9 years ago

          Yeah, I understand. An Android viewer is in the works, and we'll support all screen sizes too. I just wanted the Mac/iOS combo done first. Currently, Mitya can export to HTML5 with custom screen sizes, so we have round about support. But, a proper Android viewer app with live sync will be coming soon.

          For Windows, I don't have an ETA, to be honest. The technology is cross platform, so it's not as much a technical issue as an effort vs. market issue. If there's enough demand for Windows, I'll be more than happy to port it over.

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          • Joe AlfonsoJoe Alfonso, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

            Great! It being viewable as html content makes Android almost a none issue at least to start and i can now get the trial without worrying about NEEDING an iOS device.

            Also, congrats on the launch!

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