Apple on Hamburger Menus(

9 years ago from Ronald Brummelkamp

  • Jim NielsenJim Nielsen, 9 years ago

    If nothing else, I thought this observation was a good one:

    Drawers filled with junk

    Look, drawers of any kind have a nasty tendency to fill with junk.

    The elegance of hiding lots of things behind a simple action can sometimes lead to, "well we don't know where x-thing belongs, so just stick it in the drawer with everything else". That's an easier path than being selective and maintaining focus, which makes you ask and deliberate, "do we really need x-thing?"

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    • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 9 years ago

      Poor content strategy is not an inherent problem with hamburger menus though, it's a problem with designers. If you're capable of "maintaining focus" and asking "do we really need x-thing?", at any point, why not do it while deciding whether or not to put the thing in the hamburger menu?

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      • Jim NielsenJim Nielsen, 9 years ago

        I agree 100%.

        I think if it's a designer (human) problem, then we should be even more thoughtful of the the tools we choose to use. Some tools more easily enable our seemingly inherent tendency towards laziness, other tools discourage it. If you're capable, go for it, but be conscience of the weaknesses of the tools you use (to say nothing of the end-user experience).

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