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9 years ago from Ronald Brummelkamp

  • Khoi Vinh, 9 years ago

    The author of that blog post concludes:

    Apple could not be clearer: don’t use hamburgers menus on iOS.

    And yet he transcribes the session speaker clearly stating:

    I’m not going to say that there’s no place for these controls categorically. I think there are some apps that could maybe use one.

    Of course the speaker goes on to say:

    But I will say that their value is greatly over-stated, and they have huge usabiliy downsides too.

    But that's not the same as explicitly, unambiguously declaring that designers and developers should not use hamburger menus on iOS. To state so is being dogmatic and even obtuse. To be clearer: the author is wrong.

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    • John FlynnJohn Flynn, 9 years ago

      The author's wrong in his transcription, but there's been so much inconclusive back and forth about this UI pattern that it takes a provocative, leading headline like this one to rise above the noise.

      Also consider that the speaker, an Apple employee presenting in an official capacity, is probably speaking deliberately and very democratically. This isn't something that (yet) really belongs in the HIG one way or another, so strong suggestions like this one are all you're going to get.

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    • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, 9 years ago

      He claims Apple couldn't be clearer, then goes on to state his personal opinion. My takeaway, anyway.

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