• Jonathan CutrellJonathan Cutrell, almost 9 years ago

    RoR is very much relevant.

    Some simple proof:

    GitHub just made a pretty large effort to migrate to a newer version of Rails (Rails 3). See this writeup.

    The master branch of Rails, which is at Rails 4.2.0 was last updated 2 hours ago at the time of this comment.

    2,446 contributors have made Rails what it is today, and it runs some of the most useful applications on the web.

    Relevance isn't about how old or "in" something is. Relevance is about matching the solution to the problem. In many cases, Rails exceeds simply because of the Ruby community and the wide range of gems available to do tons of common tasks. Making similar applications in Node is possible, but may not be as easily accomplished, simply because Node is still relatively young.

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