Stache 1.2 — smarter bookmarking for Mac and iOS

almost 9 years ago from Oliver Waters, Founder & CEO at Orbit / Momento

  • Patrick SmithPatrick Smith, almost 9 years ago

    Awesome, thanks guys! Also be interested in how you approached beta testing? I’m unsure how far to go with beta testing.

    It might be worth reaching out to Unread (or other RSS readers) as it has its own in-built sharing list with apps I don’t use, such as Readability, Pinboard, Pocket. If you could get yourself as part of that list it might be a few extra new people who wonder what that ‘Stache’ is.

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    • Oliver WatersOliver Waters, almost 9 years ago

      Yeah, we'll be cover beta testing there too. We don't go too far with it — family, friends, colleagues is a good start. We don't outsource (i.e. pay companies or individuals to test). Once the app is out in the wild it's a lot easier to recruit motivated users who really do give the app a thrashing.

      We do plan to reach out to other devs but there's technical limitations with regard to screen-shotting pages at present which prevents full integration.

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