Trouble at the Koolaid Point(

over 8 years ago from Jonathan Suh, Designer at Planning Center

  • Lindsey AustinsonLindsey Austinson, over 8 years ago

    I'm really glad that Kathy is doing what she can to feel safe and happy, but am sad to not have her voice around (again).

    Seems like a good time for us all to remember to support the other people fighting hard to make tech better for us! It only takes a second to report harassment that you see online. If you have more than a second Ashe Dryden recently covered how to help the targets of harassment... and she accepts donations to help cover her wonderful writing and work!

    Also the Ada Initiative is still (through today!) seeking donations to help support their work in building more diverse workplaces and conferences. I've personally been helped by their services; please donate if you can!

    There are so many other ways to help support people who are being targeted for their activism, so please do whatever feels right to you; but do something! Together we can help keep each other safe in our community <3

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