Stache 1.2 — smarter bookmarking for Mac and iOS

almost 9 years ago from Oliver Waters, Founder & CEO at Orbit / Momento

  • Ketan Anjaria, almost 9 years ago

    This looks tight but it's odd that the extension requires the Mac App. Other bookmarking services don't have the same limitation.

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    • Tom HareTom Hare, almost 9 years ago

      Stache syncs via iCloud (no separate Stache account) which I guess must be controlled via Mac/App Store settings rather than a browser extension alone.

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    • Oliver WatersOliver Waters, almost 9 years ago

      Hi Ketan — Stache is a Mac and iOS app, not a service. The extensions are simply an easy way to Stache pages from your browser to the native apps.

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