Ask DN: What are your favourite iOS apps?

almost 9 years ago from Gabriele Cirulli, Creator of 2048; Freelance Designer & Developer.

  • TJ MapesTJ Mapes, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    A couple that no one else has yet: - Nextdoor (Social network for your neighborhood only) - Spellfall (Game) - Dropcam (Home Surveillance) - Wunderlist (Todo list)

    Other popular daily gotos: - 1Password (Password Manager) - Flipboard (My main source of news) - Instagram (Postin fun pics) - Rdio (My tunes) - Overcast (Manage/Listen to Podcasts) - Mint (Manage Finances) - Slack (Team Chat) - Trello (Project Management) - Dropbox

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