Ask DN: What are your favourite iOS apps?

9 years ago from Gabriele Cirulli, Creator of 2048; Freelance Designer & Developer.

  • Riley ShawRiley Shaw, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Monument Valley is beautiful, fun, and short. It's my ideal game.

    Pocket is great for reading; I prefer it over Instapaper but they're very similar.

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    • Sri KadimisettySri Kadimisetty, 9 years ago

      I've tried many times but could really not get the hang of 3rd party Read-later apps, especially when reading list is built in everywhere. Do you use platforms other than Apple or is Pocket good?

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      • barry saundersbarry saunders, 9 years ago

        I use Pocket because I have a PC at home, but it's also really good.

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      • Riley ShawRiley Shaw, almost 9 years ago

        I use Chrome on my MacBook (and iPhone), so Pocket lets me save from there. It's integrated in over 500 apps, so I find it to be a lot more flexible than Safari's Reading List. It's also just really pretty, so there's that :)

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