• Chip FreeneyChip Freeney, over 8 years ago

    As a designer on a product team, you will spend a lot less time in your design tools (adobe, sketch, whatever), and more time in product meetings, developer scrums, user research sessions, and Google Analytics. Did I say analytics?

    I'd say 90% of artifacts/materials that I produce are sketches and wireframes. I sometimes don't even produce high-fidelity docs to get a feature out the door, because we have a front-end framework in place (similar to bootstrap or foundation, but in-house custom) and developers don't have to worry about how tall the button is, or what color the fonts are, etc. I just hand them a wireframe and they know what to do. That trust and teamwork develops over time. I digress.

    Your code skills will come in handy. Use them to speak intelligently with the development team, earning their trust and respect. In my experience, your ability to work with others will be equally as valuable as your 'design' skills.

    Its been said already in this thread, but in the product world:

    Pretty =! Successful

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