• Aayush IyerAayush Iyer, over 8 years ago

    I personally made the same switch, but it was a lot more organic. [Story coming up]

    I used to serve as the Creative Director for Volkswagen’s India business, and whilst managing the digital arm was fun, the campaigns were often a digital afterthought which led to banner production, and well... more banner production.

    So to change that, I started pushing for Digital-Products-as-Campaigns: for example, Volkswagen Live was pitched as an alternative to pushing banners around sporting events, and became a full-fledged, short-run iPad app.

    It’s still within the agency mindset, but you get to practice all the good stuff product designers have to do: attention on users, constant iteration to improve, building logic blocks that are reusable, etc.

    And, side projects: VERY important, and I always kept making things. Even if it’s a product JUST for yourself, it still uses principles of product design (try not designing just for yourself though :D )

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    • Erick De La RosaErick De La Rosa, over 8 years ago

      This is a really great idea. I can really see myself trying to push something similar to get away from the banners. For the love of god, banners!

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