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9 years ago from Todd Burton, Designer at BrandVerity

  • ChrisArchitec t, 9 years ago

    at first glance it seemed like a big mess, forcing the crest onto teams which may have different shape logos and/or rivals with crests.... but the colour adaptation thing probably works out in favour of a bunch of teams. In a league with a lack of identity this is a risky step removing the 'soccer' cleat and ball and going generic...boring IMO, but maybe allows other aspects of league/individual teams to step up. You know there's a push for giant corporate entity conglomerate teams like NYCFC etc to become the driving forces so....

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    • Todd BurtonTodd Burton, 9 years ago

      That's what I like about the concept - making it more about the clubs and less about the league. I think it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

      The color adaptation is great since it will only be on an arm patch, with the clubs keeping their normal logo. It just morphs with each team. I'm just not totally sold on the construction of the crest itself.

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      • Eduardo FernándezEduardo Fernández, 9 years ago

        That's always been an issue with the MLS, big announcements typically are first associated at the league level. Whenever there has been a big player acquisition the major media outlets, at least from what I've noticed, announce "X-Player is coming to the MLS" as opposed to "X-Team has signed X-Player". Granted a new logo doesn't fix this issue, but if the overall goal is focus on club recognition first then this is great.

        There's a lot of things the MLS could improve on both on and off the pitch, but diverting attention to the clubs and making them household names is one step in the right direction.

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        • Adam T.Adam T., 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

          That's because the MLS owns the contracts... another MLS oddity... In addition to overseas fans not knowing most teams by name, MLS covers the lot.

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