How top startups pay designers(

over 8 years ago from Patrick Wong, Design Manager @ Lyft

  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, over 8 years ago

    I found your tool to be fairly inaccurate – about 20% off. Why do you think that crowdsourced opinions would be more accurate?

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    • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

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    • Cagri Aksay, over 8 years ago

      I'm sorry to hear that your prediction was inaccurate. Are you a high performer? I suspect that we sometimes under-predict at the top of the scale.

      We are constantly looking for ways to improve our predictions. Very recently, we started using machine learning algorithms to bring up more relevant profiles to predict.

      Wisdom of the crowds is proven to work on complex prediction problems and we believe it's a great fit for salary predictions. Consider several people who has similar job titles, similar experience levels and have worked at similar companies in the same city. If you ask only one of them to predict your salary, you might not get a good result. But if you ask enough people, their aggregate prediction will be very accurate. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains it much better.

      If your prediction result wasn't recent, please consider giving us another try.

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    • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 8 years ago

      If it makes you feel better, they got mine almost dead on. ~2k

      That could be people were bad at guess but if enough people have sized you up there are only 2 things to say about it:

      1. You got a great deal with your current position
      2. You need to do a better job marketing yourself
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    • Travis VocinoTravis Vocino, over 8 years ago

      I found similarly off results. During my evaluation of others, I found I was missing the mark a bit so perhaps many others are as well.

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      • Christine RødeChristine Røde, over 8 years ago

        Yeah, the crowd sourced salaries seemed really exaggerated to me.

        I got way more points once I just started rating everyone at $100k than when I was trying to accurately predict their salary based on position, experience and the company.

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